20-Ounce American Beer Dec 24 2016 2:51 20-Ounce American Beer is an original tune co-written by Rick Barr, John Biggs, and Jay Donovan, performed December 23 2016 at Kindred Artisan Ales in Gahanna, OH.
Live Music Demo April 2016 Apr 06 2016 2:25 Clips of my performances of "Light My Fire" and "Ring Of Fire" at Hidden Lakes Winery, April 3, 2016.
Amie Sep 06 2015 4:16 Performing he Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival, Sept 6, 2015.
Break On Through Sep 06 2015 2:10 Performing The Doors' "Break On Through" at the Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival, Sept 6, 2015.
Rick Barr & Rachel Karryn - "96 Years" Mar 29 2015 2:12 Playing my original tune at the Java Central open MIC March 27, 2015. Rachel and I hadn't performed together for seven months, I love how easy it was to get back into the groove!
The Doors - "Touch Me" Mar 22 2015 2:53 Rick and Nick performing this classic at The Sports Cantina in Hilliard, Ohio March 6, 2015!
Gifted Feb 08 2015 2:55 Performing a new original tune, "Gifted", at the Songwriter's Showcase presented by the Columbus Songwriter's Association. This will be on my 2016 album, "Seventy Lies".
Peggy Sue Nov 09 2014 2:27 Playing the classic "Peggy Sue" at Java Central November 8, 2014. Got some help from the audience on this one, this is always a lot of fun to perform!
Rick Barr & John Biggs - The Reunion Aug 28 2014 7:41 It had been 21 years since we played on stage together, but at Rule 3 in Pickerington, we finally got it done. With the help of Jay Donovan and Ryan Miller, we played some pretty cool tunes, and not badly at all, considering we were winging it. We'll put on another show before 2035. Promise.
"Everybody's Talkin' At Me" - Rick & Rick May 16 2014 3:16 Rick and his dad on stage once again, performing this Harry Nilsson classic!
The Who's "My Generation" with Rick & Nick May 16 2014 2:45 Rick & Nick rock out "My Generation" at O'Toole's Irish Bar & Grille, May 16, 2014!
The Hubcaps of Desire 24-Year Reunion! Apr 24 2014 10:27 Three guys who hadn't played guitars together for nearly a quarter century get together one evening, practice for 20 minutes, and manage to put together a pretty decent show. This kind of spontaneity is what we live for.
Midnight Special Apr 05 2014 3:13 Performing Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Midnight Special" for my gig at O'Toole's April 4, 2014. Must have been doing something right, a guy put a tip in my jar in the middle of me playing it. More Creedence to come!
A Roger Miller Doublet Apr 05 2014 3:46 Singing a couple of light-hearted Roger Miller classics, "Dang Me" and "Do Wacka Do". If your parents never played these kind of songs when you were a kid, you'll have no idea what you're listening to, but they're just as classic as anything else.
Dancin' On The Moon Apr 05 2014 1:56 Played at O'Toole's Irish Bar & Grille April 5, 2014, this is a "classic" from my days of writing and performing with John Biggs, as part of J.R. Comics. The song was written in 1991.
Folsom Prison Blues at The Beachcomber Feb 16 2014 2:38 Debuting my take on the classic "Folsom Prison Blues", I'm channeling my inner Johnny Cash as best I can here. Covering that guy will never get old.
Green Day's "Warning" LIVE Feb 12 2014 4:20 Father and son team up again, this time tackling Green Day. We played at Gatsby's in Gahanna February 12, 2014. There aren't many bass players at open stages, and he's doing a great job learning songs quickly and mastering them.
Got To Go Feb 07 2014 2:46 Performing my newest song, "Got To Go" at Java Central February 7, 2014.
Rick & Rick Barr Return! Jan 17 2014 12:30 Rick and his dad play another set at Java Central. A couple Beatles tunes, then some Kingston Trio.
The Barr Trio Debuts! Jan 15 2014 10:53 At least, one version anyway. I got to perform with both Katie and Nick at Gatsby's open stage in Gahanna. We rocked a couple covers, then debuted our original song, "Lonesome Rose". They were terrific!
Loving Cup @ The Woodlands Jan 08 2014 3:58 Playing at The Woodlands for the first time, I played a four-song set. "Loving Cup" is one I've done many times, and I love playing it. Good crowd, I hope to be back soon.
Blue Waters Rising Dec 18 2013 3:16 At the Gatsby's open stage, I play an oldie, "Blue Waters Rising". This is a song John Biggs and I wrote back in 1992 when we were still in high school. We performed it a couple times back then, and I've brought this J.R. Comics classic out the vault.
Nick's 18th Birthday At The Dolphin Lounge Nov 26 2013 7:03 Nick celebrates his 18th birthday by accompanying his dad on bass guitar for a couple awesome songs. This guy is good!
Rick Barr Plays Berlin Nov 21 2013 8:35 Visiting Berlin, I dropped by Haus Der Sinne (House Of Senses) where they were hosting an open stage. This was October 27, the day after my birthday. I came in with no instrument, but the host, FG Stegeus, was gracious enough to let me borrow his guitar. Even luckier, a fellow American musician, Calvin "C" Winbush II was there, and videotaped without me knowing. We exchanged info, and this is the footage. This is a terrific venue, great acoustics, and a very attentive crowd. I had a great experience, and hope to be back someday.
Rick and Rachel Perform 96 Years Nov 06 2013 2:20 Rachel Karryn sings Rick's original composition, "96 Years". Written for his 2012 album "No Progression", this is a simple, yet catchy tune that they'll be performing on stage at future gigs.
The Doors - Light My Fire Oct 16 2013 3:43 This would seem like typical open mic night fodder, but I haven't heard it played once in over a year of performing. So, here it is, a combination of Jim Morrison's vocals and Jose Feliciano's guitar.
The Mercy Seat - Johnny Cash Oct 02 2013 3:46 This is one of the more interesting covers Cash did for the American series. I'd love to get some more instruments involved to build the song up appropriately, but this is a good start.
Blurred Lines - An Acoustic Romp Sep 11 2013 4:42 Rick tackles a new genre with Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines". Could this be the beginning of a new era? Doubtful. He likes Johnny Cash too much.
Carl, Joe, & Rick Rock Greenback Dollar Aug 31 2013 3:02 Carl, Joe, and Rick channel the Kingston Trio in this fun, energetic performance.
Seven Bridges Road - A Harmonizing Trio Aug 28 2013 3:14 Carl, Joe, and Rick perform this classic Eagles tune, with three-part harmony (is there any other way?) Played at Gatsby's in Gahanna, OH August 28, 2013.
A Quick One While He's Away Aug 21 2013 8:12 Performing a rare Who tune, "A Quick One While He's Away". This is Pete Townshend's mini-opera, pre-dating "Tommy".
Rick & Nick perform Waste by Phish Aug 04 2013 3:31 In Nick's first open stage, he wanted to surprise his aunt Kelli with a song just for her. Since Phish is her favorite band of all time, this was an easy call.
Yellow Submarine by Rick & Nick! Aug 02 2013 2:43 Rick and his son Nick play the classic "Yellow Submarine". This was Nick's first time on stage, and he did a great job on bass guitar, providing a steady backdrop for dad's guitar.
Worse Than Before LIVE Jul 31 2013 3:31 Playing at O'Shecky's in Columbus, OH, this is a performance of a song I wrote in 2003. This was on my second studio album, "Take It Away".
Rick & Katie Rock Gatsby's! Jul 19 2013 5:55 Rick and daughter Katie rock out with some Johnny Cash, then an original. Playing at Gatsby's in Gahanna, Ohio, Katie really nailed it!
Harmonizer Pedal Medley Jun 07 2013 8:56 The open stage at the Dolphin Lounge in Gahanna, OH can always be counted on something unexpected. On this night, our host, Two Chord Thom had a harmonizer pedal, and asked me to try it out. Pretty interesting results!
Rick Barr - I Won't Back Down Jun 06 2013 2:09 Performing the Johnny Cash version of this Tom Petty tune. Johnny Cash makes everything better.
Ring Of Fire, with Trumpet Apr 24 2013 3:20 Rick and his daughter Katie perform Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" at Gatsby's on April 24, 2013. This was their second time playing together on stage, and the response from the crowd was fantastic. A very solid performance!
It Ain't Me Babe - A Duet Apr 24 2013 2:55 Rick and his daughter Katie perform "It Ain't Me Babe". Bob Dylan wrote the song, but Johnny and June Carter Cash made it popular on stage. The Zombies did a nice version later in the 60s, but it's the Cash version that we do here. Check out Katie's beautiful harmonies, this one rocks!
10 Miles Over Apr 24 2013 4:16 Rick and Katie rock out to one of Rick's originals. He wrote and recorded this for his 2003 album "Take It Away", and it's been one of Katie's favorites ever since. Her vocals are amazing on this one!
Rick Barr & Rick Barr Play The Beatles Mar 22 2013 12:34 Rick Barr, 38, and his father, 62, finally play guitars together on stage for the first time. With over 75 combined years of experience between them, they were more than ready for this (though they could have used a couple more microphones). Enjoy a few nice Beatles tunes, plus a great one from the Kingston Trio!
10 Miles Over at Java Central Feb 09 2013 4:06 Rick and Katie Barr perform Rick's original song "10 Miles Over". Written in 2003, this has been a favorite of Katie's for years, and here, they perform together on stage for the first time!
It Ain't Me Babe - A Dad & Daughter Duet Feb 08 2013 3:04 Performed at Java Central in Westerville, OH Feb 7, 2013. The first time father and daughter have ever appeared on stage. Ignore the father, take note of Katie's beautiful harmonies. A terrific performance!
Rick Barr and Rock & Roll Nichole - I Don't Wanna Be Me Jan 24 2013 3:45 Rick Barr and "Rock & Roll" Nichole rock out on Jethro Tull's "I Don't Wanna Be Me" at Gatsby's, Jan 23!
I Wanna Be (500 Miles) Jan 19 2013 3:11 At my son's request, I performed this song at Java Central's open mic night January 18, 2013. However, with only two days' notice, this was literally my third time ever playing it. It's a good one!
You Shook Me (Countrified) Nov 16 2012 3:08 Rocking Gatsby's in Gahanna, OH with a countrified version of AC/DC's "You Shook Me".
Greenback Dollar - Gatsby's Nov 14 2012 3:27 This is "Greenback Dollar" by The Kingston Trio. Playing the open stage at Gatsby's in Gahanna for the first time. Great, enthusiastic crowd, and they loved this particular song. I've posted an earlier performance of it, but this one is much better.
Faith - George Michael Oct 29 2012 2:41 During an open stage at The Dolphin Lounge, did an unrehearsed version of George Michael's Faith with the house band. Imperfect, yes, but quite fun to play.
You Are My Sunshine Sep 26 2012 2:26 Playing an old classic, "You Are My Sunshine" on the open stage at The Dolphin Lounge. Giving it a spirited ending for the crowd.
You Shook Me (All Night Long) Sep 26 2012 3:12 Rick Barr provides an easy-listening version of AC/DC's "You Shook Me" at The Dolphin Lounge.
Loving Cup - Alternate Tuning Sep 05 2012 3:37 Covering "Loving Cup", from The Rolling Stones' "Exile On Main St" album. Performed at The Dolphin Lounge Sept 4, 2012.
The Blues Sep 05 2012 3:32 Playing the blues with Tommy at The Dolphin Lounge, September 4, 2012.
If I Would You Aug 20 2012 2:14 Performing "If I Would You" at Little Sicily's on August 18, 2012. This is from my 2011 album "Softer Than Stones".
Just To Hang (around with me) Aug 19 2012 4:11 Performing "Just To Hang (around with me)" at Little Sicily's in Columbus, Ohio. This song was featured on my third album, "Under My Radar" in 2005.
End Of An Era Aug 19 2012 3:44 Performing a brand new, unfinished song, "End Of An Era", at Little Sicily's on Aug 18, 2012.
Pittsville Blues - The Debut Aug 19 2012 2:25 Performing "Pittsville Blues" at Little Sicily's on Aug 18, 2012.
Justin Climbed A Tree Aug 09 2012 2:03 My Aug 7 performance of "Justin Climbed A Tree", a song I wrote with my friend John Biggs back in 1991.
Everybody Aug 08 2012 2:06 Recorded at The Dolphin Lounge open stage Aug 7, 2012. This song is from my 2005 album, "Under My Radar".
10 Miles Over - Debut Jul 26 2012 2:12 Performing "10 Miles Over" at the Dolphin Lounge July 24, 2012
Greenback Dollar - Debut Jul 25 2012 2:50 Performed at The Dolphin Lounge in Gahanna, OH at open mic night, July 24, 2012. An old Kingston Trio classic.
Worse Than Before May 25 2012 3:30 Performing one of my older songs, from my 2003 album, "Take It Away". Using my son's Fender (hence the sticker) tuned down a couple notes. More on the way.
You Might Think - The Cars Dec 24 2010 3:04 My interpretation of The Cars' "You Might Think". Yes, it was quite cold in early December when we filmed this, but it was a story that had to be told.
Pinball Wizard - The Who Dec 17 2010 2:52 Just me playing Pinball Wizard on my Gibson Custom ES-339
Your Move - Yes Mar 07 2010 3:22 Covering "Your Move" by Yes. Using a 12-string Fender, 6-string Odessa, and a Gibson Custom ES-339, as well as a keyboard and some backup vocals. The 6-string has a capo on the 7th fret. The 12-string is tuned to an open D# / Eb major, then capo'd on the first fret.
Pieces Together Feb 01 2010 2:55 I sat down to play guitar for a few minutes, and found this song. Sometimes they come out of nowhere. I had no choice but to do something with it. I recorded, videotaped, and edited it in roughly five hours. This sort of expeditious work leaves things rough around the edges, but sometimes that's a good thing. The concept for the video came from seeing something similar, where different artists work on the same song. So it's basically that, but I'm working on all parts.
My First Sony Oct 17 2009 1:40 A new take on the classic commercials from the 1980s. How can you not be excited about this miracle of a machine? After watching this, you'll wonder what it'll take for you to get one. Well, forget it. I got the last one.
Dueling Banjos Without The Duel Sep 22 2009 1:47 My first attempt at Dueling Banjos right after I got my banjo. Quite a bit different from guitar, but I'm getting the hang of it.
All This Motion Jun 11 2009 3:46 "All This Motion" original song by J.R. Comics (John Biggs and Rick Barr). (c) 2009 J.R. Comics
Lovin' You Deep Jun 09 2009 3:43 Funny parody of the 1970s song made popular by Minnie Riperton. The music is pure. The lyrics? Not so much.