Busier Than Ever
Apr 10 2016
As we've moved into spring, I find there's rarely a weekend that I'm not playing a show. It's great to be busy, but aside from the solo gigs, I'm still drawing in new musicians at the open MIC I run at O'Toole's. It's very rewarding to see new talent come through and recently, a girl sang on stage ..... show more
What A Week!
Feb 02 2016
Last fall, my wife Tamara saw that CD102.5 FM, our local radio station that plays a lot of independent and local music, had a crowdfunding campaign to purchase their own signal. It had a reward tier, and the $250 reward was to be a guest DJ. I pondered this for a little bit, and decided to go for it ..... show more
The New Album!
Dec 08 2015
I find myself suddenly close to being able to release my long-awaited new album, "Seventy lies". The idea was first conceived back in 2007, and I've been actively working on it since early 2014. That's a long time on one project, but this is a rock opera that will span two CDs with 30-some tracks ..... show more
The Ohio State Fair
Aug 08 2015
Today, another first: The Ohio State Fair! I had been scheduled to play at ComFest earlier this summer, but got rained out. Today, however, was perfect weather. I played at the ShowPlace Pavilion from 12-1pm, then Rachel Karryn joined me from 1-2. The Pavilion was kind of a makeshift covered gar ..... show more
Different Kinds Of Gigs
Jul 19 2015
I've been performing at a wonky pace recently. I'll have stretches where I'll play four out of five days, then go two or three weeks without a solo show. I'm hosting my open mic at O'Toole's every week though, and that keeps me plenty busy. We're doing a Live Music Showcase this month. Three wee ..... show more
Taking A Break?
Apr 26 2015
That doesn't sound like me at all, but after a tremendously busy four months, I have some other things to do that will keep me tremendously busy. I probably won't be playing any solo shows in the month of May, but will continue to host the open MIC at O'Toole's on the west side. That's been go ..... show more
Too Busy For Pain!
Apr 12 2015
I hate to say that I'm doing too much music, but after finally playing a round of golf this morning, my body got really angry with me and forbade me to participate in the Songwriter's Showcase with the Columbus Songwriter's Association. I'm deeply disappointed that I can't make it, but l ..... show more
Three Out Of Four
Mar 23 2015
Last week was exceptionally busy, as I played/hosted music events three out of four nights. On Tuesday, I went out to Robey's Pub in Reynoldsburg to relieve Mike Dudley after he played an afternoon set. The city was teeming with musicians on St Patrick's Day, and I was more than happy to be a part ..... show more
A Busy Spring
Mar 08 2015
My playing schedule has been steadily filling up. I only have a couple of weekend in March and April where I'm not performing, but I expect that to change. I'll be in Dayton this Friday the 13th for the Dayton Does Dayton event, where I'll play two Dayton covers and two originals at Gilly's.

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A New Look!
Feb 17 2015
Alright folks, we're back on RickBarrMusic with a whole new look. Hopefully this is a design that looks better on mobile devices and behaves nicer in general. Give me a shout if you see anything that you think needs fixing.

2014 ended strong, with me playing several more shows. I partic ..... show more

A Break That Isn't A Break
Jul 12 2014
I've been plenty busy over the last week, playing in gigs and open stages. I played a gig Saturday July 5 at Java Central, a small coffee shop. I shared a three-hour show with a very talented trio called String Theory Trio. It's a much more intimate environment, where people aren't getting boozed ..... show more
A Holiday Weekend Blitz
Jul 03 2014
I've continued to stay very busy, playing gigs and open stages. My last gig, Friday the 27th at O'Toole's, was one of the best, with Nick playing bass for several songs. He impressed everybody, both with his talent and his new Hofner-style instrument. It's pretty sharp.

This Friday, Jul ..... show more

Ending Spring With A Bang
Jun 16 2014
It's been incredibly busy the last couple weeks with gigs and open stages, but particularly this past weekend. On Thursday June 12, I performed with Rachel Karryn at Zapata's for a couple hours. We're finding a new chemistry on stage and really clicking, it's been fun.

Friday the 13th, I ..... show more

Into The Finale!
Jun 01 2014
I got June started off strong with a performance at the Songwriter's Showcase, hosted by the Columbus Songwriter's Association. We played at King Avenue 5, and I'd done it just once before but really love the venue and the uniqueness of the event.

There were 16 performers in all, and the ..... show more

A Trio Of Gigs
May 18 2014
This has been one of the busiest stretches I've had playing live music. Wednesday, I played in both the Gatsby's and O'Toole's open stages. Thursday, I performed with Rachel Karryn and my son Nick Barr at Zapata's. Friday was another solo gig at O'Toole's, where I had Nick, my dad, and others hel ..... show more
A Gig and a Showcase
May 05 2014
I had a pretty busy weekend, Friday playing with Rachel Karryn at Rule 3 and Sunday, participating in the Songwriter's Showcase at King Avenue Five as part of the Columbus Songwriter's Association. The gig with Rachel was interesting, as we played outside in rather chilly weather. For some reason, ..... show more
Playing at O'Toole's
Apr 05 2014
I played my first gig at O'Toole's Irish Bar & Grille on April 4, and it was a blast. My set list had close to 50 songs, but I ended up playing about 39. That seemed low to me, but honestly, time flew by quickly. I made some pretty good tips, and the crowd loved my AC/DC cover and, of course, the ..... show more
I Got A Gig!
Mar 27 2014
It's been way too long since I updated this. I've continued doing open stages, and tried out a new one, O'Toole's Irish Pub & Grill, on the west side of Columbus. The owner liked what I did and offered me a gig, so I am, finally, playing my first show on Friday, April 4 from 7-10pm. I'm very exci ..... show more
More New Venues
Feb 18 2014
I've continued to try out new places to play. This past Sunday, I stopped by The Beachcomber at Buckeye Lake. My friend Joe Spino hosts an open stage Sunday nights, and I finally made it out there. A lot of familiar faces were there and the place filled up pretty well. I played a nice set, final ..... show more
"Got To Go" Is Here!
Feb 09 2014
Today I released my latest song, "Got To Go". If you're familiar with my catalog of music, this won't surprise you much. It's acoustic guitar-driven, a little electric, bass, vocals. It's solid, has a good beat, and is kind of a safe re-entry for me after over a year without a new song. I intend ..... show more
Double Set At Java Central
Feb 07 2014
I played the open stage at Java Central tonight. I had signed up second, but nobody signed up first, so I was asked to play both sets. I played my four planned originals, then did some old standards. It was a nice, solid set of music, and I played well.

One of the originals I played, "G ..... show more

The Barr Men On Stage
Jan 29 2014
Tonight, my dad and son joined me on stage at Gatsby's. Our set list:

"P.S. I Love You"
"Greenback Dollar"
"Fast Freight"

Nick sat out the first one, since our scheduled practice session last weekend was halted due to weather. Dad and I had an interesting moment in th ..... show more

Finally, A New Song!
Jan 26 2014
After four months of owning, learning, and being frustrated with my MacBook Pro, I've finally finished a song. Check out a cover of Beck's "Girl". I knew I would be taking a few steps back as I began using completely different equipment and techn ..... show more
My 60th Open Stage
Jan 23 2014
Sure, I keep count. Why not? I had fun at Gatsby's again, starting with a couple originals. "Just To Hang (Around With Me)" and "She's Over It" are played back to back, as the two songs compliment each other. I'd never played the latter, as it's a gentler tune, and those tend to put folks to sle ..... show more
Playing With Dad, Part 2
Jan 17 2014
Tonight, I performed with my dad at Java Central. It was only the second time we've done this. We played two Beatles songs, and a couple by the Kingston Trio. It was a small, but friendly crowd, and we had a great time. We're going to plan on making it to Gatsby's next week, and that will be a b ..... show more
Performing With Both Kids!
Jan 15 2014
What a night! I played the open stage at Gatsby's with both Katie and Nick. Katie handled trumpet and vocals, Nick rocked on bass. I'd performed with each of them separately, but we finally got together as a trio. We played "Louie Louie", "It Ain't Me Babe", and our brand new original song, "Lon ..... show more
First Time At The Woodlands
Jan 08 2014
I got this year started off right, playing an open stage at a new venue, The Woodlands. I'd never been there before, though I have an uncle who's played there with his band a few times. They were very accommodating, the sound was good, and I had an enthusiastic crowd. I met a couple of other musi ..... show more
Welcome To the Music of Rick Barr
Jan 05 2014
With a new year comes a new web site. Finally! This is the first time I've had a web site dedicated solely to my musical happenings and pursuits.

My current site was conceived with good intentions, but has ended up being a bit messy, particularly for those who don't use Internet Explore ..... show more
A Quick Test
Nov 18 2000
"To delete" hmmm