Ah, Tommy. I fell in love with this rock opera when I was in high school. I listened to the album, watched the movie, recorded the soundtrack from the movie onto tape, and even covered the entire album with just my electric guitar and voice. This is the result. Why I didn't use my acoustic at all is beyond me. I remember putting quite a bit of effort into this, and I was multi-tracking. But there wasn't much I could do quality-wise, and then of course there is the issue of my voice. The voice that made time stand still. I think this was just fun for me to do, and I never really anticipated anyone outside of family and friends ever hearing it.

However, I did take a copy of it to school, and a girl named Jeannie overheard me talking about it, begged to listen to it, and it ended up being heard by a lot of people (against my wishes). I didn't receive a whole lot of attention over it, and now, thinking back, I can only imagine what people thought when they heard me singing. We had really talented vocalists at that school, and while some of the guitar parts are okay, I am sure the overall presentation failed to impress.

Total length: 1:10:23

Overture 5:57
1921 2:47
Amazing Journey 7:05
Christmas 4:28
Cousin Kevin 4:01
Acid Queen 3:31
Underture 9:59
Do You Think It's Alright? 00:22
Fiddle About 1:26
Pinball Wizard 2:57
There's A Doctor 00:23
Go To The Mirror 3:46
Tommy Can You Hear Me? 1:24
Smash The Mirror 1:13
Sensation 2:23
Miracle Cure 00:10
Sally Simpson 4:09
I'm Free 2:29
Welcome 4:27
Tommy's Holiday Camp 00:58
We're Not Gonna Take It 6:51